Discover the #1 strategy for women in midlife and beyond to stop overeating without obsessing about food!

  • Download the Debrief Worksheet and assess your eating struggles to understand the true root of overeating (and no, it's not because eating is a habit...). 
  • Take action to address the real reason you are eating rather than wishing for more willpower or self-control.
  • ​Gain clarity about why you are struggling to end the self-criticism and food guilt.
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Overeating and weight struggles aren’t your fault! 

Decades of All or Nothing Dieting (where you have to eat “perfectly” or “what’s the point”) have disconnected you from your physical and emotional needs…

  • That’s because the normal periods of eating “all” the food which follow seasons of restriction (nothing) have taught your body that food works to silence discomfort.
  • The protective role of food is especially prevalent for women with histories of chronic dieting (especially from a young age) and histories of trauma. 
  • By using the Debrief Worksheet you will gain insight into how overeating is benefiting you, and how you might be able to achieve these same emotional benefits without eating.

About Me! Who Am I?

Cassie Christopher is a Registered Dietitian, emotional eating expert and corporate wellness consultant. 

Cassie’s virtual practice specializes in helping accomplished women in midlife and beyond find the Courage to Trust themselves after decades of “All or Nothing Dieting” have disconnected them from their values and bodies. 

Cassie helps her clients create a supportive relationship with food, their bodies and their health so they can eat with joy instead of eating to seek joy.

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